We are in love with Cornerstone preschool and it's so sad to leave it and go to kindergarten. I wish children could stay in preschool longer. Cornerstone has nicely shaded playground and good teaching programs. Currently they are watching real butterflies grow. New owner made many improvements and now the preschool is even better that it was. I have 2 children which were part of Cornerstone family and we love every day our children spent there.


Natalya Polishchuk

Kendra Bell Wilson

Cassie Stickels

Mike Halmon

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Melissa Bender Lewis

Cornerstone’s owner and staff are wonderful. They always go above and beyond with special activities and treats for the kids. It’s a great feeling knowing that my daughter is taken care of by the same staff everyday.

Cornerstone Preschool is the best! But you don't have to take our word for it, check out what parents are saying about us!

Jenny Hallas Poulter 

The staff is great; kind, courtesy, & pleasant EVERYDAY! My daughter started here when she was less than 2.5 yrs old and her vocabulary & knowledge grew immensely in a very short period of time. She loves to read and imitate her teacher which is a reflection of how wonderful her teacher is. I am thankful to have found a place where my child is excited to go to everyday. This school is very clean & the playground area in the back is bigger than imaginable. The individual lock codes on the door make me feel that my daughter is safe. I would highly recommend Cornerstone!

Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Cornerstone. Great communication and support from the owner and staff. Lots of nice improvements made to the facility over the last several months.

We have had 4 children that have attended Cornerstone during the past 8 years, with one more to go! The new owner along with staff members are superb. You can tell that they are passionate about what they do, and it reflects in all the children's faces when you walk in. The facility is kept clean both inside and out, and is secure for our children. I particularly like that each family member has their own pin number to open the door. For example; mom wouldn't have the same pin as dad etc. This makes me feel safe knowing that not just anyone can walk into my child's school. All of my children agree the playground is the best! You have to see it for yourself to see just how spacious it really is. There have even been newly added shade covers to both playground structures, and there is a huge pavilion to do activities in as well. It is always a bittersweet moment when your child is off to Kindergarten, but rest assured your children will go into Kindergarten more than prepared. I consider Cornerstone and Staff family and look forward to having our last child attend.

Cassie Stickels

Cornerstone is a phenomenal preschool. My son has been attending for almost a year and a half. When he first started the original owners were still there and they were great. Shortly after starting the owners informed me they were selling the company. That made me nervous as my son was acclimated to everyone and loved it. However when Sonal took over she took Cornerstone from GREAT to AMAZING. She redid the landscaping, painted the school inside and out, added cameras, added keypad entry for security, added new playground equipment and most importantly added covering over the playground outside to allow the children to play without taking a direct beating from the Florida sun. She went as far as incorporating a graduation for the VPK class entering Kindergarten this year which was awesome. Jackie the director is also fantastic. She genuinely cares about all the children that attend. She can also confirm what all Sonal has done for the school. If your're looking for an exceptional preschool for your child definitely check out Cornerstone you won't be disappointed and most likely your hunt for a preschool will be over.