Full tuition is due each week of the regular school year, regardless of whether or not your child is in attendance.  The only exceptions are during school "vacation weeks" and summer break as defined below

Two weeks per school year are designated as "vacation weeks"  (Thanksgiving week and Christmas Week)

If your child is absent for an entire school "vacation"  week, half tuition is due

If your child attends school any day(s) during a "vacation week," full tuition is due

Please notify us of vacation days and pay in advance to ensure that your child’s slot will be held for his/her return If you are planning an extended summer vacation, an additional fee is required to hold your child's spot for fall.  (See your Parent Handbook or call the office for details.)

Tuition & Vacation Policies


We accept checks, cash and credit card. 

Tuition is based on your child’s program, not the number of days he/she actually attends.  Therefore, full tuition is due even if your child is absent or when school is closed for holidays, weather, or emergencies.

Tuition is due the first day that your child attends school each week (Monday or Tuesday)
A late fee of $5 will be charged if tuition is not paid by Wednesday.

There will be a $10 fee for returned checks.  Two returned checks will result in payment by cash or money order only.

All balances must be paid in full by Friday of each week in order for your child to continue in their program

A late pick up fee will be charged after 6PM for full-day students and after 12PM for half-day students (see Parent Handbook for fee amount).